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Building materials - international brands - the first elite

Rivers Simple and Fancy is a leading company in the field of sanitary ware in Syria and the region in general.
The company was established in 1999, and has a long history of importing and exporting sanitary ware, building materials and adhesives.
The company has an important factory of concealed cistern product, which is known for its high quality.
The company is managed by the well-known businessman, Mr. Mohamed Zakaria Khabaiti, who has long experience in dealing with foreign companies exporting sanitary materials in Italy, Poland, and Europe in general.
The company is also considered a primary agent for European companies such as the Italian company Rico, and for important companies in the United Arab Emirates such as Thomson, and in Egypt Smart Copper Company and other companies concerned with this field.
Rivers Simple and Fancy is distinguished as a strong and reliable partner in the Syrian market and the Middle East, and has long-term business relationships with several partners.
Our good reputition procedes us, everywhere we go.